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Consequently the construction of the largest radio telescope in the world for finding aliens by the Chinese

22 june 2016

    Have you ever wondered how you could travel in time? If so, then you know that you are not alone , as many scientists are also concerned about this idea , some even making some experiments to prove their theories .

  • The largest radio telescope ( Arecibo Observatory ) is in Puerto Rico , currently having a diameter of 300 meters . Some 10,000 people from southern China to be relocated amid building the largest radio telescope in the world this year , informs BBC News Online . Residents will be moved from their homes in Guizhou Province in southern China, to prevent interference with electromagnetic waves around radiotelescope . According to the developers , quoted by Xinhua news agency , the telescope will be built to study intelligent life in the universe.
  • The largest radio telescope ( Arecibo Observatory ) is in Puerto Rico , currently having a diameter of 300 meters . FAST radio telescope with a diameter of 500 meters , whose construction costs amounted to 1.2 billion yuan ( 165 million euros) would be operational later this year . Guizhou Province authorities have promised relocation of 9110 people living within a radius of five kilometers near the radiotelescope until September this year , according to Xinhua news agency . Following relocation , "will create an environment of electromagnetic sound waves ," said a regional official , Li Yuecheng , quoted by Xinhua . Residents to be moved will receive an aid of 12,000 yuan ( 1,650 euros).
  • Xiangping Wu , chairman of the Chinese Association for Astronomy , said that the high level of delivery of the telescope " will help us in our studies on the identification of intelligent life outside the galaxy ." China has relocated hundreds of thousands of residents in the past for large infrastructure projects on construction of dams and aqueducts , and many residents complain about the small amount of financial compensation offered by the authorities.

Faraday Future

12 june 2016

FARADAY FUTURE . The car is 100 % electric 1000 horsepower and can reach a speed of 321 km / h in only 3 seconds. It is a concept that will not be put on the market and designed only to demonstrate where you can get where you can push the performance of a totally electric car ! It is environmentally friendly and clean , direct.